Imperial Blue Superhit Nights 2019

What is food for souls? MUSIC!  

Through events, we help get that music to your souls, well to your cities…  

Imperial Blue has a remarkable property, Imperial Blue Superhit Nights, a travelling music concert!  

The year 2019 the troop travelled to 11 cities across India – from Asansol, Guwahati to Ambala, Jaipur, Kolkata and more with a brand new communication of Rock&LOL. We integrated the brand’s ATL and BTL communication of Humour & Music, with key artists Vishal Shekhar and Sunil Grover.   

To bring in a strong regional connect, we also included artists like KK Mohan & Zubeen Garg in Jorhat and Guwahati and Jassi Gill & B Praak in Ambala. It took months of planning and a team of experts backing the production made this happen like clockwork across 11 cities.