While the WHO and Indian Health Ministry have shared certain do’s & dont’s to stay protected by staying home and maintaining a certain level of hygiene, the front line warriors are the ones who have put their duty before their lives. The least we can do is to support them by staying home as per the government and help them by giving Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The PPE is a kit which has been recommended by the WHO and various corporates have taken the initiative to donate these to the front line warriors under their CSR activity. Not only that, these kits would be also be helpful in fighting this pandemic at our production facilities once we resume work at our factories.

It’s time that we stand together to fight the pandemic and do our bit.

There is a shortage of PPE’s as we talk and this is highly needed by doctors, nurses, cleaning staff and support departments, which come in the direct contact with the COVID 19 patients and carriers.

Once the lockdown is over and we resume work, there will be a need to stay protected irrespective of positive cases in our city/vicinity. Until medical science comes up with a drug to cure or a vaccine to prevent, we will have to take all necessary precautions. We feel it’s imperative for all of us to be equally responsible and help in our own capacity to make world again a better place to live. Hence this initiative.

We at Stch, in partnership with Paragon Apparel Pvt. Ltd have come together to manufacture PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This PPE can be used with other basic hygiene routine at various work places and even at certain residential compounds for preventive care. The cost of one PPE Kit with the following inclusions is at INR 999/- plus taxes.

PPE Kit Inclusions

Seamed Overalls
Boot Covers
Hand Gloves
3-Ply Face Mask
Eye Wear
To know more about the PPE Kit you can download the product PDF or call Arjun Sharma at +919958360123